Wednesday, August 9, 2017


These are a "naked raku" experiment - I love the totally random decoration that occurs although in this instance, I have etched in small bird forms. The colours remind me of looking out my kitchen window on clear and cold evenings, the skies pink and everything else black.

Mt Ida - states of thaw

These were originally part of my "low tide" set but in a fit of something or another, decided to reglaze these two. I like them but the colours are very subtle and it's proven very difficult to take photos that show them in their true light. One needs to think carefully about colour from the outset when the work's future might depend solely on a photographic image unless you have access to a true 3D lighting set-up. On this occasion, I had no idea what would happen when I decided to re-glaze let alone how difficult it would prove to be when photographing them!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017