Friday, March 1, 2019

naked raku

Club night last night with a raku firing and bbq. This is my 3rd attempt at naked raku - it is part of a set of three which have been sitting around for 9 months waiting for their turn in the kiln. Only room for one on this occasion. However I think the pattern on this piece is perhaps too delicate to suit the process and I did paint too much sacrificial slip and glaze on so that carbon didn't  penetrate as well as I would have liked. Next, the remaining two fire

Saturday, December 15, 2018


Later with gold rims

 Perhaps feeling somewhat undervalued at times, I decided to make these "Oscars" for women who end up being care-givers later in life when they thought their care giving days were long over! 

Variations in gold

Variations in green

Variations in blue

Step 5 above - clear glaze applied and fired at 1130 

                                                                         after bisque
Step 4 - after bisque

                                                                    Step 3- slip decoration applied

Step 2 - undercoat of white slip before adding colours

                                                      Step 1 - hand making in terracotta